Certification & Auditing Bodies


Germany / International

The German based CERES Certification of Environmental Standards GmbH is the official body for biocyclic vegan certification worldwide. In cooperation with local auditing companies Ceres guarantees that inspections in the various countries are carried out in full transparency and according to the same criteria. After a successful inspection the final certificate is issued by Ceres.

Expertise Vegane Europe

France / Belgium / Switzerland

Expertise Vegane Europe, better known under the acronym EVE VEGAN®, is a French certification body specialized in the conformity of vegan products (without animal origin and not tested on animals). EVE travels in the field to guarantee the respect of the criteria and issues certificates for raw materials, products and services in the food, cosmetic and textile fields. EVE also coordinates biocyclic vegan certification of agricultural operations in France and the French speaking countries in cooperation with Ceres.