Although there is a growing number of certified operations that produce and process biocyclic vegan fruits and vegetables in considerable quantities, products labeled with the Biocyclic Vegan Quality Seal have not yet found their way into the retail market in a regular manner. There are, however, negotiations ongoing with prospective retail partners to promote biocyclic vegan products in the future.

In the meantime, there are online shops opening in various countries that start to make the first biocyclic vegan products (olives, olive oil and wine) available to customers who want to support biocyclic vegan farmig.

We will regularly update the information on this page as soon as new shops will open and a larger product range will be available.



Malchus Kern has been promoting sustainable agriculture and climate protection for many years. After discovering Biohof Hund in Meckenbeuren, the first biocyclic vegan fruit grower in Germany, he decided to develop an online shop dedicated to biocyclic vegan products. The website “Bio-Vegan-Bestellen” provides a platform for biocyclic vegan products available to consumers across the European Union as well as providing products to retail in Germany.  

Salvia & Sinensis

The Netherlands

Salvia & Sinensis is a Dutch vegan online store that sells herbal tea and herbal products in the Netherlands and Belgium. From 2020, in addition to its regular product range, it also started selling Biocyclic Vegan products.


Het Wijnmagazijn

The Netherlands

Het Wijnmagazijn (The Wine Warehouse) is a Dutch online store for wines. It is run by two outstanding wine specialists, Chris van de Meene and Anke van Haaften. Chris and Anke select and import all wines directly from the winery. They are proud to now be able to offer a selection of wines from Château La Rayre, the first wine estate in France that has obtained the biocyclic vegan certification.

Acajú – the cashew campaign


Acajú – the cashew campaign is  a project run by the Berlin based PlanetVegFoods GmbH. It supports a cooperative of smallholder family farms that cultivate cashew nuts in Ceará, northeast Brazil, and that are currently preparing their operations for biocyclic vegan certification. From the webshop you can order cashew nuts, but also other cashew products such as cashew juice.

At the moment the shop is only available in German.