Château La Rayre

The vineyards of Château La Rayre are located in the Dordogne region in the southwest of France. The climatic and geological conditions are ideal for producing great wines with the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) “Bergerac” and “Monbazillac”. The owner of the winery, Vincent Vesselle, who has been producing organic wines for more than ten years, was certified according to the Biocyclic Vegan Standard in 2018 and thereby became the first biocyclic vegan winemaker worldwide.

The prize-winning wines of Château La Rayre are mentioned in the most important wine guides and can also be found on the wine lists of many top restaurants from France to Japan.

Contact: Vincent Vesselle

phone: +33 5 53 32 17


Château La Rayre
La Rayre
24560 Colombier