The Netherlands: Biocyclic Vegan Farmer Joost van Strien invited by Dutch royal couple ­− 13th December 2022

Biocyclic vegan farmer Joost van Strien, “Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year 2022”, was received by the Dutch royal couple at the “Uitblinkerslunch 2022” in the Noordeinde Palace in The Hague. The Uitblinkerslunch is an annual event that honours outstanding personalities who have accomplished extraordinary achievements during the year.

This distinction shows that the biocyclic vegan approach is already seen as an alternative in the Netherlands, given the excesses of reactive nitrogen compounds in the environment caused by animal husbandry.

We congratulate Joost and his entire team at Zonnegoed Farm for this honour!

Photo credentials: ©Rotapool / ANP/Sem van der Wal