There is a growing network of biocyclic vegan partners (producers, processing & trading companies, network organisations, certification & auditing bodies and supporters) in many countries.

Please find more detailed information below.

You can also locate members of the International Biocyclic Vegan Network on the interactive map featuring vegan organic operations in Europe. On this map biocyclic vegan operations and network partners are identified by the biocyclic vegan symbol.

Brochure: Who is who in biocyclic vegan farming

With this brochure, we are pleased to present an initial compilation of producers, processing companies, traders and organisations that are already actively involved in biocyclic vegan farming. Though it is still early days, the variety of operations named on the following pages shows the great potential of biocyclic vegan farming.


As of 2022, certified biocyclic vegan products come from: 

  • Belgium (vegetables, herbs, edible flowers)
  • Canada (wine)
  • Cyprus (citrus fruits, pomegranates, olive oil)
  • France (wine)
  • Germany (field vegetables, apples, plums, nuts)
  • Greece (citrus fruits, bananas, kiwis, grapes, hokkaido squash, persimmons, ginger, vegetables, olives, olive oil, wine)
  • Hungary (soybeans, sunflower seeds, wheat)
  • Italy (olive oil)
  • Netherlands (field vegetables)
  • Romania (cereals including oats, herbs & spices, mustard)
  • Switzerland (field vegetables, soybeans)
  • United Kingdom (cereals)

Other farms in Sweden (vegetables, herbs), Brazil (cashew nuts), Colombia (vegetables) and Paraguay (sugar cane) are actually preparing for biocyclic vegan certification

Processing and Trading Companies

Farmers are not the only ones to see enormous future potential in this form of cultivation. Trading and processing companies are currently in the process of establishing biocyclic vegan product lines.

The first companies to process and to distribute products from biocyclic vegan agriculture are based in:

  • Austria
  • Cyprus
  • Germany 
  • The Netherlands

Network Organisations

There is a large network of organisations, associations and companies that coordinate the development of the Biocyclic Vegan Standard and biocyclic vegan agriculture on the international as well as on the local level. They are based in:

  • Cyprus
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

Certification & Auditing Bodies

Certification and auditing bodies in various countries are involved in the auditing and certification process in order to guarantee that the requirements  of the Biocyclic Vegan Standard are fully respected on all levels of the supply chain. In all cases the final biocyclic vegan certificate is issued by the German based Ceres Certification of Environmental Standards GmbH.


A growing number of organisations from the most various backgrounds (agriculture, environment, science, nutrition, veganism, animal rights etc.) is supporting the development of biocyclic vegan farming.