Biocyclic Humus Soil − a Game Changer for Future Agriculture | recording available on YouTube

Refining plant-based compost substrates into Biocyclic Humus Soil: the benefits all along the production process until final usage in Biocyclic Vegan Horticulture.

In this webinar, Dr. agr. Johannes Eisenbach will give an insight into his findings about the refinement process of compost, which results in Biocyclic Humus Soil, a material consisting of highly stabilised carbon aggregates, with spectacular effects on plant health, yields and taste of the plants which are grown directly on it. The 5-years period to generate Biocyclic Humus Soil, characterised by an intensive permacultural approach to biocyclic vegan vegetable production, can also generate additional income for the refiner.

Dr. agr. Johannes Eisenbach is a trained farmer and agricultural economist. He has been involved in organic farming since 1982 and, together with organic pioneer Adolf Hoops, laid the foundation for the Biocyclic Vegan Standard. He lives in Greece and coordinates the activities of the Biocyclic Park and the Panhellenic Biocyclic Vegan Network. Together with Arne Hoops and Axel Anders, he is co-founder and partner of the Adolf Hoops Society.


00:00 – 06:14
Introduction to Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture and the International Biocyclic Vegan Network

06:15 – 01:00:27
Biocyclic Humus Soil − A Game Changer for Future Agriculture

01:00:28 – 01:35:00
Questions & Answers

This webinar was organised by the Adolf-Hoops Society (Biocyclic Vegan International) in cooperation with the German Förderkreis Biozyklisch-veganer Anbau e. V. and the terra plena Fonds.

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