Germany’s Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture Association Celebrates 5 Years Anniversary, Veconomist − November 2023

‘A Growing Movement’: Q&A with the Co-Founder of the World’s First Veganic Farming Summit

The German Association for the Promotion of Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture, Förderkreis Biozyklisch-Veganer Anbau e.V., recently celebrated its 5th anniversary, raising awareness of the advantages of organic vegan farming. 

Founded and based in Berlin, the “Förderkreis” collaborates with international partner organizations in the Biocyclic Vegan International network. Its goal is to provide education in German-speaking countries on farming without the use of commercial livestock, animal slaughter, chemical fertilizers, or animal inputs. Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture aims to establish a new human-animal relationship in the agricultural sector.

Vegconomist, November 21, 2023