PlantEurope Report: “Good practices for the promotion of plant-based nutrition” featuring Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture, April 2024

In March 2024, the organisation NahHaft e.V. published a comprehensive report on European initiatives that are already making important contributions through pioneering work in the field of sustainable and plant-based nutrition as part of the PlantEurope Network project.

The report presents around 30 different organisations that are active on a regional or transnational level. These include Biocyclic Vegan International, which is featured in a detailed chapter.

A final chapter summarises the key points that reflect the current state of development towards a plant-based food system in Europe:

1. goals and motivation
2. financing and financial viability
3. hurdles and obstacles
4. positive experiences
5. instruments and support
6 Networks and partnerships
7. political demands