BNS Biocyclic Network Services Ltd

BNS Biocyclic Network Services Ltd is the administrative headquarters for biocyclic vegan farming. In 2005, the Biocyclic Guidelines were developed under the supervision of BNS. These were later redeveloped to become the Biocyclic Vegan Standard and have been accredited as the certification basis for vegan organic farming by IFOAM as part of its Family of Standards in 2017. On behalf of the not-for-profit Adolf Hoops Society, BNS also sublicenses the right to use the Biocyclic Vegan Quality Seal to biocyclic vegan certified operators and offers organisational support to biocyclic vegan projects, companies, associations and producers globally. BNS additionally provides agricultural consulting services and, in cooperation with local advisory services, is responsible for the listing of inputs approved for biocyclic-vegan cultivation, the „Green List“.

BNS Biocyclic Network Services Ltd

Raphael Santi 58
Nefeli Court 11, App. 202
CY-6052 Larnaca


Dr. agr. Johannes Eisenbach
phone: +357 24 66 16 14

mobile: +30 6932 66 99 21