Vegan-ab-Feld stands for vegan produce that comes directly from the fields and plantations of biocyclic-vegan certified farms. In the Lake Constance region, the farms of Stefan Geiger, Nikolaus Glocker, and Clemens Hund are the very first fruit producing enterprises to be certified according to the Biocyclic Vegan Standard. They are committed to producing apples of excellent quality that shows in their unfiltered 100% not-from-concentrate apple juice that is offered in a 5l BagInBox in their Online-Shop. The apple juices’ distinct flavor varies depending on the location of the apple groves and the varieties so that everyone’s taste can be satisfied. Examples of the apple varieties that are used are Jonagold, Topaz, Braeburn, and Elstar.

In the fruit boxes from Greece, one can find a mix of 3-4 seasonal and freshly harvested fruit varieties from biocyclic-vegan certified farms that are all members of the Panhellenic Biocyclic Vegan Network. Depending on the season, the 6kg crate will include, for example, oranges, lemons, pomegranates, apricots, peaches, and bananas—all of which are free from preservatives and unwaxed. Also, directly ordering from the farmers themselves through the Vegan-ab-Feld Online-Shop will greatly benefit the producers as they will be able to keep about 30-60% more pay compared to taking established trade routes.


Online shop for biocyclic vegan products directly from the producer

Clemens Hund

Senglingen 5
88074 Meckenbeuren


phone: +49 174 94 77 443