Bio Farmland


The family project, “Bio Farmland” is situated in the western part of Romania, near the city of Arad. It started in 2004 when it began with organic and plowless cultivation of cereals. The fertility of the 800 hectare farm land is sustained through crop rotation and the cultivation of clover and vetch. The main crops are wheat, spelt, Einkorn wheat, rye and barley. In 2009 they started a small processing unit for the cleaning, milling and packing of the cereals as well as for the packing of herbal teas and the production of mustard for the local market.

Bio Farmland is managed according to the guidelines of BioSuisse. It is working on a completely plant-based manner without animal husbandry and strictly avoiding all inputs of animal origin.  The operation became officially certified according to the Biocyclic Vegan Standard in February 2021 as the first biocyclic vegan farm in Romania.

Contact: Christian Häni


Loc. FIRITEAZ nr. 350
Cod 317312
Județul Arad