Biocyclic Park P. C.


In Southern Peloponnese, Biocyclic Park produces quality compost based on olive pomace, olive leaves and grape pomace using the Lübke-Hildebrandt method. After a multi-year refinement process, the compost turns into biocyclic humus soil, which is used on the company‘s premises for cultivation trials with a wide variety of crops. Biocyclic Park, as a GlobalGAP Group, also assumes marketing functions for its own production and that of selected producers, some of whom have already converted to biocyclic vegan farming It also offers cultivation advice throughout the country with respect to the adoption of the Biocyclic Vegan Standard („Green Compass“) and distributes the inputs approved for biocyclic vegan cultivation as required in Greece („Green List“). In addition, Biocyclic Park organises seminars and training courses on biocyclic vegan cultivation techniques and the production of quality compost (“Green Knowledge”).

Biocyclic Park is located near the city of Kalamata.

It is a member of the Panhellenic Biocyclic Vegan Network, and its products are distributed by O.M.E.N. Ltd.


Dipl.-Ing.agr. Lydia Eisenbach, MSc

phone: +30 27210 33 826

Biocyclic Park P.C.

Valtos Sperchogeias Karydiá
GR-24100 Kalamata