Biohof Rietzler


For many years, the organic farm Biohof Rietzler in Bavaria (Southern Germany) has been growing its products (ancient grains such as emmer, einkorn and spelt, as well as potatoes) in a vegan way. They are convinced that fertilisation has a decisive impact on the quality and digestibility of each meal prepared with these ingredients. 

For this reason, they apply various plant-based fertilisation practices such as catch crops (e. g. clover grass), and the so-called cut and carry method (transfer mulch) with the farm’s own green mass. In this way, the farm ensures the natural supply of nutrients to its crops.

Potatoes are even grown entirely without the use of copper, although this is permitted in organic farming.. The use of copper in cultivation can be harmful to the countless soil organisms that are important for healthy soil life, as well as other essential soil inhabitants such as earthworms.

The farm also ensures the preservation and promotion of biodiversity between the different crops by planting extensive flower strips for the industrious insects and other wild animals such as hares and deer.

Biohof Rietzler is in the process of preparing for biocyclic vegan certification. Their products can be purchased from their own online shop.

Contact: Familie Rietzler


Burgmahd 1 
86381 Hohenraunau / Krumbach

phone.: +49 (0) 172 59 22 44 9