Andrea Müller, originally from Bavaria, and her husband Friðgeir Jónasson live on their farm in Blöndudalsholar in northern Iceland. Their land has an area of about 250 ha, of which about 20 ha are forest and 30 ha meadows; the rest is wild and barren. In 2018 they stopped dairy farming. Since 2022 they have been certified organic and have planted about 6000 trees and shrubs for windbreaks. In 2023 they started to grow vegetables, and they will also produce their compost for this. In the summer of 2022, they participated in a training course at the Biocyclic Park in Kalamata (Greece) on Biocyclic Humus Soil, which they want to produce on their farm to develop sustainable soil fertility in the harsh climatic conditions of the far north.

Blöndudalsholar is in the process of preparing for biocyclic-vegan certification.


Training at Biocyclic Park / Greece

Preparing the land


Andrea Müller & Friðgeir Jónasson