De Kromme Lepel


Growers Peet and Elza de Krom of the biodynamic farm De Kromme Lepel in Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands) have more than 10 years of experience in growing without using animal manure and animal fertilizers. The cultivation company covers 14 hectares with field vegetables, strawberries, green manure and a cold greenhouse. On a plot of 7.5 ha they cultivate arable field crops.

Peet and Elza have consciously chosen to grow without animal manure and have long years of experience with the cultivation without animal inputs. 

They grow Brussels sprouts, black Tuscany kale, kale, endive, dandelion salad, lettuce, oakleaf lettuce, purslane, leek, beans and many special green fertilizers for soil, crop rotation and diversity.
They mainly deliver the products to wholesalers and a number of local buyers,  through its own harvest-it-yourself garden and organic webshops. 

At the moment Peet and Elza de Krom are preparing their agricultural operation for the biocyclic vegan certification.

Contact: Peet & Elza de Krom

Laageinde 20
4614 PW Berg-op-Zoom
phone: +31 164 684 257

Facebook: De Kromme Lepel organic horticulture