Elefthería Dispyráki-Kopidáki


Adám Dispyráki has always had the urge to explore new things. In 1966, at the age of 18, he decided to go to Germany to find work. After 14 months, however, he had to return to his Cretan homeland for military service. With his bride, Elefthería, he went abroad again in 1970 to work for 14 years in Aalen in the South of Germany, where his son Giorgos was born. Despite the multitude of new impressions and the different lifestyle he was exposed to in Germany, he always remained inwardly connected to his homeland. When the local Greek school closed in 1985, the family decided to return to Crete and take over his father’s farming business.

With his multiple experiences, he, the “astronaut”, as he calls himself, was always one of the first to implement innovations in all areas. So, it was only logical that Adám and Elefthería switched to organic farming in 2012. In 2020, the farm became the first certified biocyclic vegan vegetable farm in Crete. Since 2021, the two have been using Biocyclic Humus Soil with great success when planting new banana plants. They produce bananas, sweet peppers, tomatoes and lettuce in an exemplary form of mixed cultivation. For Elefthería, it has become self-evident that vegetables thrive better in plant communities than in monoculture, even in the greenhouse.

Elefthería Dispyráki-Kopidáki


70200 Phaistou/Heraklio
Crete, Greece

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