Foxystar Farm


Dr. Constantinos Constantinou is one of Cyprus’ most famous oncologists. As a “Doc” – as he is called all over the island – he was always searching for natural substances that strengthen the humans immune system, but also for an activity to find peace and harmony in nature. After an intense phase of scientific research, he came across the extraordinary medical benefits of pomegranates, a fruit that has been well known in the Eastern Mediterranean already from ancient times. Especially in Greece and Cyprus pomegranates are considered a symbol of luck and fertility.

Meanwhile hundreds of scientific findings have proven the multiple health aspects of pomegranates either as a fresh fruit or as juice. Having that in mind Dr. Constantinou decided to buy land for the cultivation of pomegranates. Far away from any possible source of contamination he started to regenerate soil life and biodiversity in his stony orchards.

The combination of scientific knowledge, his profound love of nature and his practical talent for working in agriculture made him a successful pomegranate grower who was able to set new standards in all aspects of pomegranate cultivation internationally. Thus, he introduced new cultivation and pruning techniques which aim to offer more shadow to the sun sensitive skin of pomegranates during the hot and dry summer of Cyprus. A sophisticated drip irrigation system allowed him to use efficiently the limited water resources of the region. Whereas initially he led hundreds of chickens keep the soil free from weeds, he finally decided for ethical reasons to abandon animal husbandry in 2017 and to adopt purely plant based biocyclic vegan cultivation techniques.

In close cooperation with Dr. agr. Johannes Eisenbach and his daughter Lydia he developed a method how to collect the fruits without hurting or destroying what is considered the sign of beauty of a pomegranate: its crown.


Especially for this purpose he constructed a handcart, that allows harvest workers not to bend while collecting the fruits from the tree and carefully putting them into the crate which is laid out with tissue paper to prevent the pomegranates from dehydration.

The whole chain from picking until final packaging is designed to maintain both, quality, and appearance of the pomegranates at the highest possible extend. The same tissue paper is used to wrap the carton boxes which contain the fruits for export.

Dr. Constantinou´s holistic approach made his pomegranates orchards become a flagship of Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture far visible not only in Cyprus but in all the Eastern Mediterranean.

Except from fresh produce Constantinos Constantinou makes juice from part of his production with its outstanding health benefits and a unique natural taste.

Dr. Constantinos Constantinou’s Foxystar Farm is located in the south of Cyprus in the beautiful semi-mountainous region between the cities of Larnaca, Lefkosia and Limassol.

It is a member of the Panhellenic Biocyclic Vegan Network, and its products are distributed by O.M.E.N. Ltd.



Panhellenic Biocyclic Vegan Network

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