Marco and Maik Möller


Foto: Christopher Mey

A Former Dairy Farm in the North of Hamburg Becomes Biocyclic Vegan

Marco and Maik Möller will be the fifth generation to take over their parents’ farm in the North of Hamburg, Germany.

Until recently, the farm was run as an organic dairy farm that greatly emphasised animal welfare. However, being convinced vegans, it is not possible for the two brothers to continue keeping their animals, even though their parents had set the highest animal welfare standards, and their farm was considered an outstanding example in this regard.


“The fact that we are ethically vegan made us realise that this would not work if we took over the farm. Because there is also a lot of animal suffering there, the animals are still being killed and exploited. We can’t reconcile all that with our conscience. And that’s why we want to convert the farm.”

„If we want to take over the farm and develop it further, then we want to continue without livestock farming and do not want to exploit animals. We don’t like this system and don’t see ourselves wanting to continue with it. Fortunately, our parents are quite open and unprejudiced.”

“We want to say clearly and unequivocally: all respect to all farmers; they work day and night, look after the animals as best they can and put their heart and soul into their work. But we want to show that there is another way, that you can be a farmer without animals. There are so many ways to go with vegetables and grain. We’d like to exchange views and explain why we have made this decision. Setting an example is always the best way to convince people.”

Marco & Maik Möller

Quotations from an article in the German Daily “Hamburger Abendblatt” (21.11.2023):


Marco and Maik Möller are now preparing their farm for bicyclic vegan certification.


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Maik Möller


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