RAP Summit – What can farmers do, on their land, to thrive without animals? A summary article and a video recording are now available online!

On Saturday, JULY 24, farmers, ranchers, scientists, food and agriculture experts, business leaders, activists and technologists converge to tackle this challenge.

Summary and recording available – see below!

The Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP) Summit is a convergence of trailblazers interested in creating solutions for farmers and ranchers. RAP has spent the last six years supporting ranchers and their families as they come to grips with the devastating reality of animal agriculture; concurrently, we have been developing key relationships with organizations, entrepreneurs, academics, and investors keen on transitioning animal farms away from traditional methods. How can farmers thrive on their land without using animals? We will have critical conversations with expert panelists and farmers in transition from all over the world–and together we will push the needle ever further in the direction of solving this question. The imminent concerns around food, the economy, the animals, and climate will take all of us working together to reframe the vegan proposition and bring farmers and ranchers to the marketplace of ideas.

The July edition of the RAP Summit will feature our partner Rebecca Knowles from the UK organisation “Farmers for Stock-Free Farming” and Laurence Candy from Northwood Farm, Dorset, who has decided to transition his former dairy farm to Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture.

JANE UNCHAINED NEWS NETWORK published the highlights of the conversation.