Canada: L’Acadie Vineyards – First Biocyclic Vegan Winery in North America

L’Acadie Vineyards in Gaspereau Nova Scotia, Canada is the first farm and winery in North America to adopt the stringent European Biocyclic Vegan Standard of not using animal inputs in the vineyard and winery.

Gaspereau, Nova Scotia, Canada. October 29, 2021: L’Acadie Vineyards has been certified to the strict Biocyclic Vegan Standard popular in Europe, making them the first farm and winery in North America to be qualified to use the Biocyclic Vegan Quality Seal. 

Biocyclic Vegan agriculture means purely plant-based organic farming. This form of cultivation excludes all commercial livestock farming of animals and does not use any inputs of animal origin in viticulture and winemaking. Special emphasis is placed on the promotion of biodiversity, healthy soil life, the closure of organic cycles and on systematic humus build-up.

L’Acadie Vineyards is the first organic winery in Nova Scotia since its inception in 2004 and their operations go beyond organic with no animal inputs and sustainable practices such as composted plant residue teas and cover crops, and encouraging biodiversity and soils that are living and regenerative.

“All of our wines have been vegan for over a decade and this certification gives our customers confidence that no animal inputs are used in our vineyard and in our wines. Biocyclic Vegan certification recognizes our extra sustainable efforts and care that are beyond organic, veganic, and we embrace their principles for the good of environment, animals and people.” says Bruce Ewert, founder & owner.

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